I recently (June 2018) finished my Ph.D. in philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at Purdue University.  Before coming to Purdue I received an M.A. in Philosophy from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Prior to entering the world of philosophy I  received an M.A. in Church-State Studies at Baylor University and took my B.A. in History and Political Science from Culver-Stockton College.

My research focuses on moral epistemology, philosophy of religion, and political theory.  In my dissertation I gave a sustained argument for the view that some moral facts, such as the wrongness of recreational genocide, are Moorean facts and thus are, like the existence of my hands, epistemically superior to skeptical arguments to the contrary.  I am in general quite interested in moral epistemology and in the application of ideas and principles in epistemology to questions about morality.  Going forward, my primary research agenda, which builds on materials in my dissertation, centers on whether there is a conflict between science and morality.  For more information on this, see my research statement.

My research in philosophy of religion centers on the application of ideas and principles in epistemology to the rationality of religious belief and also on the problem of evil.  My current work in political theory focuses on public reason and on finding and elucidating an adequate version of the doctrine of public reason, one that might even appeal to citizens who are unsympathetic to the traditional philosophical underpinnings of public reason.

You can get ahold of me at fuqua0@purdue.edu.